Burlingame, California: “San Francisco’s Sunshine Suburb,” 1927

Title: Burlingame, California: San Francisco’s Sunshine Suburb
Date: 1927
Accession no.: PAMPHLETS 11-658

This brochure, published by the Burlingame Realty Company in 1927, was meant to lure home buyers to Burlingame by promoting its “colorful flowers nodding at a casement window—year-round green lawns—a neighbor’s cheerful greeting . . . sunny, fogless days.”

Beside a photo of El Camino Real lined with “Burlingame’s welcome Eucalyptus,” the brochure describes the alluring climate, transportation facilities, and schools:


The definition

JUST as one can find, in California, the greatest variety of scenery within the least number of square miles, so also does California’s climate show astonishing comparisons within small areas.

Burlingame basks in the rays of the sun 280 days of the year. this is due, primarily to its location as regards the Pacific Ocean.

The high hills on the West act as a bulwark against the shifting currents of hot and cold air, and, as a result, Burlingame is truly a sunshine suburb.

Healthful outdoor life follows naturally and the wealth of flowers, for which the community is noted, owe their luxuriance to adequate sunlight together with a plentiful supply of water. nor is this sunlight dimmed by the haze of industrial smoke, for Burlingame is a residential not a manufacturing community.

Burlingame’s Transportation Facilities

BURLINGAME is located thirty-five minutes from Market Street, San Francisco, and offers for the daily commuter a choice of 50 fast trains a day, 25 in either direction; or if a smooth running motor bus is preferred, there is one each half hour, supplemented by a 10-minute interval electric car service. For the motorist, wide paved highways make driving a pleasure.

Wise men predict a rapid transit system, in the not far future, which will bring to Burlingame, and its neighboring communities, a growth which will rapdily absorb available homesites.

Land values have increased tremendously during the past five years—it is safe to assume that future values will enjoy a corresponding appreciation.

Burlingame’s Contribution to Education

NO residential suburb, however attractive, may hope to grow and prosper unless it offers above-average educational facilities. For that reason, Burlingame has within the past ten years expended over $1,000,000 toward establishing and maintaining elementary schools and a high school in keeping with the standard which has made California’s school system famous.

Supplementing these is a Junior College and, within commuting distance, are Stanford University and the University of California.