Credits and Resources

Corner of Burlingame Avenue and California Drive, undated (late 1800s?)

This online exhibition has been curated and created by Danica Hodge for the Burlingame Historical Society. She is indebted to the BHS for its support in the creation of this site, especially Jennifer Pfaff, Russ Cohen, Martha Rosman May, and Joanne Garrison, and to Bob Disco of the Burlingame Parks Department. Thanks are also due to the San Francisco Public Library for use of materials from their Historical Photo Collection and to Andrew Fox and Andrew Robson, who provided technical assistance.

A message from the curator:

When I moved to Burlingame in 2003, I was struck by the beauty of the city, especially the stretch of El Camino Real that runs through the city of Burlingame, its leafy character markedly different from the typical view elsewhere on the Peninsula of strip malls, gas stations, and big-box stores. In fact, this street runs alongside my home, seen through my windows, and while there is often a sonic assault from the many buses, trucks, and cars (music blaring) that come by, the scene is a visual oasis. I watch the birds make their nests and the squirrels forage for meals, and I imagine the scene more than 100  years ago when this was the “royal road” for travelers coming by horse and stagecoach on the approach to San Francisco. Then, they were seeking the fortune of the golden West, hoping for an opportunity that comes to the lucky few. Today, as I soak up the rich history of the area, I know that I have achieved good fortune of a different kind—the opportunity that comes from living in a city as special as Burlingame.


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Online resources:

Burlingame Parks and Recreation Department

Burlingame Street Tree List

The California Environmental Quality Act

Gardening in California: Landscape and Flower, by John McLaren. Online book provided by Internet Archive.

Tree City, USA, by the Arbor Day Foundation