Washington Park

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Centennial tree, Washington Park, near corner of Carolan Ave. and Burlingame Ave. Photo © Danica Hodge

Today, the site of the former Gunst Estate is Washington Park, the center of Burlingame’s recreational life. A wide range of tree species find their home here, including many trees that have been designated heritage trees. Print out a map and bring it with you on your own tour of the park and see what trees you can discover.

There are more than 80 different species of tree represented in Washington Park. Certain individual trees are notable as well. The Centennial Tree was planted to honor the city of Burlingame’s 100th anniversary, on March 8, 2008. This tree is not on the downloadable map, which dates from 2003, but otherwise remains largely unchanged today.

Auschwitz Oak

Many years ago a neighbor gave Don Cory and his wife an acorn they had gotten at Auschwitz, Germany, the site of unimaginable atrocities during the Holocaust of World War II. The acorn derived from an English oak at the former concentration camp. They planted it at their garden, somewhere on the coast of California. When the Corys moved to Burlingame more than 25 years ago, they asked the Parks Department if they could plant this special oak somewhere. The department agreed, and the oak was planted in Washington Park. It has been there since 1976 and can be identified on the downloadable map as 70B. Now a tall and powerful free, it is a reminder that hope and life emanate from even from the worst circumstances.